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DIRECT PRINT - durable and suitable for branding vector images on any type of flat surface in larger print runs.

SUBLIMATION PRINT - Used for branding on 100% polyester and is suitable for both vector and raster images with high color quality.

TRANSFER PRINT - very suitable for making prints with small and complex elements. The technology is a transfer of the printed stamp from a special thermal transfer paper onto the item through a thermal transfer press. Applies to bags of non-woven fabric, rugs, rucksacks, rucksacks, vests, umbrellas, badges and more. This type of printing is a good choice for periodic orders in medium and small prints.

DIRECT DIGITAL PRINTING - its advantages are fastness and precision of workmanship, durability of inks, high image quality and a great variety of basic textile products. The service is suitable for printing overlays and raster graphics on natural matter. Direct digital printing is a good choice for both small and large print runs.

FLEX AND FLOCK PRINTING - these are ready media that cut on a plotter and offer you a wide variety of colors and effects. They are suitable for business logos, emblems, names, and many others.

VIDEO FLEX PRINT AND CUTTING - This technology offers a great variety in the shape and color of the print. The advantages of video flex is its durability and resistance to high temperature wash, making it very suitable for branding sports items.

WE CAN ASSURE the entire process of arrival of our products to you or your customers by taking over the packing and shipping them by courier.

PRICING FACTORS are the level of textile quality (for this type of goods), the complexity of the service, the number of colors and the quantity of items. The term of performance and employment can also influence us.

If you hesitate at your choice, you can always contact us for advice. We will endeavor to present you the most advantageous and appropriate option.
For additional information and queries, please contact us through a personal message or the email and phone provided.

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